Pencil Collection


Brooches & Pendants





Inspired by objects from the past and nostalgia for a time when letters were composed by hand, the pencil jewelry line indulges in a rich kaleidoscopic color palette framed in the shape of a pencil by fusing fine gems and whimsical design to communicate a glamorous fantasy.

"Inspiration comes at a moment when it is not clear whether it is coincidence or destiny. When I first encountered the painting Pencil by Kyong Tack Hong, I felt as if the leads of the pencils were blooming in a spectrum of colors, shooting up high like fountains and then suddenly plunging back down into me. In that moment, a chapter from a long-forgotten, precious memory lane opened wide, bringing back the warmth of love, hope and happiness that handwritten texts in pencil seemed to augur. A pencil embodies both happiness and nostalgia. Using the figure of the pencil as a medium, I wanted to awaken these half-forgotten emotions and express them in a form that signals both the eternal and the fantastic."

- Sally Sohn