Ancient Bead Collection





In 2003, a rare discovery of an antique Roman necklace during a trip to Paris motivated Sally to pursue ancient beads. She continued her journey to different parts of the world, exploring and collecting a gamut of beads from antiquity. Sally then embarked on her path as a jewelry artist. In 2007, she launched Sally Sohn in New York and became the first Korean artist to debut her collection at New York’s most upscale department store, Bergdorf Goodman.

Her track record has been nothing but stellar – at Bergdorf Goodman, Sally recorded the highest revenue in fine jewelry (2007), became a top 5 jeweler (2011) and won the design award at the Couture Show in Las Vegas (2011). Sally quickly established her reputation as a creative jewelry designer highly acclaimed by connoisseurs of fine jewelry in the US. She solidified her presence further by expanding her reach through world-class, luxury shops and department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Stanley Korshak, Jeffrey and Ikram (US), Strasburgo (Japan) and Lane Crawford (Hong Kong).

Her collections have been greeted with much applause by high-profile celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Obama as well as royal families of the Middle East and Europe.